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dan rogersI get several emails a week asking about SBPRA. When I was deciding on a publisher I wanted to get in touch with a few of SBPRAs authors to see what kind of a company SBPRA was. No matter what I did I could not get in touch with an SBPRA author. I decided to bite the bullet and go with you guys anyhow. You have done a superior job for me and based on what I have been told my book will become a best seller. With all of that being said, you are welcome to give my email out to any perspective authors. I have nothing to say but good things. – Dan Rodgers – View Author Website

Lynne-Pickering-224x300I am a SBPRA author and I started writing fiction novels in 2011. I am well known internationally for my art and paintings; more than 5,000 of my art paintings have been sold worldwide. I intend to have an international best- selling novel! SBPRA has a great team of professionals to support you, giving your manuscripts every chance to be successful. Computer editing programs correct and adjust to a certain extent, but you want your manuscript to be perfect. – Lynne Pickering – View Author Website

liamI just want to say what an amazing job the Editing Department did with my first book Moore Field School and the Mystery. SBPRA will without a doubt be publishing the second book in the series and I will be using the editing department because they didn’t only edit the book, they gave me ideas by telling me where I had made mistakes with the plot line… With the Editing Department you will see your Manuscript transformed into something beautiful. – Liam Moiser – View Author Website

When I first began searching for a publishing company to work with I found myself lost in a sea of “we are the one for you” publishers. But upon closer examination of the services offered by each agency I discovered that SBPRA was the only one for me. A higher percentage of royalties and the personal attention given to me with each new phase are simply unbeatable. Every department that worked with me through the production of Strigoi gave me one on one attention, always caring about my input and listening intently to my ideas. – Wynter Wilkins – View Author Website