Publish-and-Sell-Your-Book-Publisher-Wants-Writers3Q. I’ve lived all my life in Australia (or England, Ireland, South Africa, etc.). Will you change all my spellings, punctuation, and word usage from Australian to U.S. standards?

A. Though we do recommend U.S. editing standards (as outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style), we have editors trained in U.K., Australian, and other standards. All you have to do is let us know, and we’ll retain the characteristics of whichever country you wish.

Q. Do I have to pay for the entire editing job at one time?

A. Although we do ask that the entire manuscript—including such features as preface, foreword, acknowledgments, introduction, afterword, epilogue, and bibliography—be submitted at one time, we do have a variety of interest-free payment plans available. We don’t want money to be a barrier to having your manuscript edited.

Q. I think my writing is pretty good, but my spelling could use some work. Can I get proofreading services only, to check my spelling and punctuation, and to spot and fix typographical errors?

A. We recommend that all manuscripts be professionally edited, whether by us or by someone else. When we review your submitted manuscript, we give you our opinion on the extent of editing required. Normally, we offer proofreading-only service if we determine that there is no need to have your manuscript edited, and that happens very infrequently. If you elect to have us do a complete edit, we will fix spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors, as well as perform copy-editing services such as rewriting sentences or paragraphs to improve the ‘flow’ of the narrative. But remember, you’re always the one who ultimately decides which changes to keep and which to disregard.

Q. My manuscript is in Spanish (or another non-English language). Can you provide professional editing services for this language?

A. Right now, we’re accepting only manuscripts in English. If you wish, you may send us your manuscript, and we’ll check with our staff of editors to see who’s proficient in the language your manuscript is written in.